Composed and sung by
Ingrid Heyn (Almirena)

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The night has bled its silent wound
And someone drank of life and blood.
I moaned and blinked – my sight, un-nooned –
While wordless terror found its flood.

I tasted tin and dying heat.
I looked up from my horror’s dreams
And no – no – please, this dark defeat
Is me… I’ve grazed in bloodied streams.

I scream. Whence has this darkness come?
Why does oppression weight my heart?
Why has repulsion left me dumb?
Why have I played this gruesome part?

I walked the woods – this, I recall –
And then I met… I just… my mind…
My memory… I sink, I fall…
I shrink, for fear of what I find.

I know Katrina was my name.
I know I loved the light of day.
This fades from me… it fades, like blame,
And knowledge killed must fade away.

I am endowed – I feel it now
My power grows and I am strong
The Dark One I – I know not how
And I’ve forgotten right from wrong.

Then let me love the velvet night
And all things dark and full of woe.
I’ll care no more for gold-veiled light
Or life or love or friend or foe.

But in my caverns I am cold.
I fear the space that chills my thought.
My lonely life lacks ought to hold
And empty arms have loving sought…

I know not where my path must lead
Or whence it came – but one thing true
Has clawed at me: this love I need,
Though heaven’s self my acts must rue.


Silent Wound is ©2004 Ingrid Heyn
Used and hosted with permission


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