It's been a bit of time since any major update, and for a reason, sadly.

Project Katrina has been closed, having barely even gotten off the ground.

I thank everyone who's put any effort into this game. It was a great idea, and I'm quite sad
that it hasn't gotten any further than just massive brainstorming and ideas.

In the end, we just lacked the man-power and resources to get this project going.

Perhaps some time in the near future, this project may be reincarnated in some form or
another, be it fanfiction or another fangame.

          ~ Orion

Project Katrina's game is a work of pure Fan Fiction. Being based on the popular “Quest for Glory” series by Lori Ann and Corey Cole under Sierra Entertainment, Inc. Quest for Glory is ©1989-2002. This game is being made without the express written permission of Sierra Entertainment, Inc. “Quest for Glory”, “So You Want to be a Hero”, “Trial by Fire”, “Wages of War”, “Seekers of the Lost City”, “Shadows of Darkness”, and “Dragon Fire” are all ®, ™ &/or © Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

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